11 Signs You're a Parent

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You MIGHT be a parent if any of these have ever happened to you. Here are 11 ways to tell you're a parent. Kids, man. 

1. Potty Time

Potty Time
What is it about going to the bathroom that acts as a Bat Signal for children, alarming them to your whereabouts and begging them to be your audience whilst you do your business?

2. Five Second Rule

Five Second Rule
The five second rule takes on a whole new meaning when you're a parent. Is that chocolate on the carpet or poop?

3. Let It Go!

YOU are more impressed with childrens' music than your children and you don't even care who knows it. SING IT, PARENTS!

4. A Little TOO Quiet

A Little TOO Quiet
A quiet house is probably not a good house because if your kids are quiet there's a good chance this is happening.

5. TV Time

TV Time
You SHOULD go to sleep when the kids are in bed, but it's the first time all day you've had control of the television so you embrace it and pay for it the next morning.

6. Let Sleeping Moms Lie

Let Sleeping Moms Lie
Sleeping until 7 a.m. is now considered "sleeping in" and you've woken up in a dark living room more than once with no recollection of falling asleep.

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