11 Tiresome Internet Friends

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We all know a few people who just don't understand how they come across on social media. These tiresome internet friends are THE WORST. 

1. The Does It All Mom

The Does It All Mom
You know the type. She's waxing the car, shaving her legs, making organic, free range, Bento box lunches for five children, WHILE chairing the PTA ALL AT ONCE. And never chipping a nail.

2. The Bacon Fanatic

The Bacon Fanatic
Bacon flavored lipgloss? Check. Bacon flavored bacon? CHECK. This person CANNOT SHUT UP about Bacon. And they don't mean Kevin.

3. The Sporty Friend

The Sporty Friend
This person is the over the top sports fanatic who takes it as a personal affront when his/her team doesn't win or a "bad" call is made. (Football season is upon us. Expect this person to go into overdrive right about yesterday.)

4. The Bad Decision Maker

The Bad Decision Maker
This person just can't quit dating the wrong guy or girl. It's an addiction. A sick, sick addiction.

5. The Jesus Freak

The Jesus Freak
Does this one need an explanation or is Kirk Cameron's picture enough? This person shames you into sharing religious memes and posts "unspoken prayer requests." Vaguebooking at its finest and worst.

6. The Cat Lady

The Cat Lady
Who needs a man!?!? This person has CATS! A lot of them. Like a hoarder. Hopefully none of them are flat cats.

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