33 Naughty Street Names

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Welcome to the naughtiest streets in America. These places actually exist!

1. Weiner Cutoff Rd.

Weiner Cutoff Rd.
No, Lorena Bobbitt does not live here.

2. Booger Branch Rd.

Booger Branch Rd.
Is a box of Kleenex included with each home?

3. Zzyzx Rd.

Zzyzx Rd.
Good luck spelling this one to the pizza delivery man!

4. Butts Ave.

Butts Ave.
This will soon be the new address of Nicki Minaj.

5. Chicken Dinner Rd.

Chicken Dinner Rd.
Vegetarians are still welcome!

6. Arlene Fuchs Katz Dr.

Arlene Fuchs Katz Dr.
You do NOT want to misspell this one.

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