10 Most Popular Boy Baby Names of 2015

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What's in a name?

We may never know for certain, but Baby Center has come out with the most popular names for boys who came into this world in 2015 and there appears to be some celebrity basis for each of the top monikers.

Or maybe we just want to believe that.

Scroll down for a look at the Top 10 most common boy baby names in 2015:

10. Jacob

The Twilight Saga will never die! Thanks to Taylor Lautner's beloved character, Jacob remains a popular boy name in the U.S.

9. Logan

Veronica Mars for all the wins! No way can you convince us that this name isn't popular due to the affection fans have for the character of Logan Echolls.

8. Caden

We got nothing. There's no celebrity named Caden. But this baby sure is adorable!

7. Ethan

Ethan Hawke made a big comeback in 2015. He was nominated for an Academy Award! No wonder many parents named many kids after him.

6. Mason

Awwww, isn't Mason Dash Disick precious? We would never name our child after the offspring of Scott Disick, but hey. Who are we to judge?

5. Noah

Gotta be due to Trevor Noah, right? He went from relative nobody to Jon Stewart successor in 2015.

4. Lucas

Lucas Duda helped the New York Mets make their first World Series since 1986. He deserves to have babies named after him.

3. Liam

No offense to Liam Neeson, but Liam Hemsworth played a key role in 2015 due the release of the final Hunger Games movie. It makes sense that parents would name a child after the actor behind Gale.

2. Aiden

Aiden Gillen has made a name for himself as Littlefinger on Game of Thrones. And now babies across the land have his name as well!

1. Jackson

The King of Pop represents the kind of all boy baby names in 2015.

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