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KWY-TV Philadelphia Anchor Isn’t as sweet as her Headshot makes her seem

Rumors from the Internet: KWY-TV news anchor Alycia Lane is probably not going to make it to a bigger market. The Philadelphia TV reporter allegedly punched a NYC cop in the face, after calling her a ???dyke bitch.??? Soon after, Lane was arrested.

Lane was in a cab with her DJ boyfriend, Chris Booker, and friends, and became impatient with a slow unmarked cop car ahead of them.

Well, on the plus side, her cheery on-camera demeanor just shows how talented she really is.

Dec 17, 2007 · Link · Respond

John Lyon aka Johnny Rotten has figured out the best way to promote the Sex Pistol reunion tour is to start a rivalry.

On Virgin Radio this week, Lyon went after the Police???s reunion tour:

That really is a reformation isn’t it? But honestly that’s like soggy old dead carcasses. You know listening to Stink trying to squeak through ‘Roxanne’ one more time that’s not fun.

Strong words from a man whose bassist really is a soggy old dead carcass.

But it???s hard to blame Johnny Rotten for lashing out on the Police. For a rocker his age, the only other way he could get any attention at all is by starring on a VH1 reality TV show.

Sep 21, 2007 · Link · Respond