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We’ve been dipping our aching feet into the weatherman scene lately. And today, while the sun may be shining bright outside, things are getting gloomy within the confines of, well, this post.

Last we relayed, WABC 7 weatherman Sam Champion could allegedly be seen hand-in-hand (at church, no less) with Sean Bell, who may or may not be an online escort available on (Sam and Sean’s attorney, meanwhile, argues to us that Bell is not for sale on Manhunt.) We’ll get to the latest details on that sordid relationship in a moment, but first let’s use Sam Champion as a jumping off point to get to some media news you might actually be interested in.

With Al Roker standing firm at NBC’s Today, we’ve only got the weather crew at ABC’s Good Morning America and CBS’s The Early Show to toy with. So, why don’t we?

We’re hearing that The Early Show’s professional map pointer (since July ‘03) Dave Price, who holds down the local and national gig, is making an exit from Les Moonves‘ house and heading over to GMA. Les, try as he might to hang on to Price, is said to be fighting a losing battle; Price has nearly signed with GMA.

So where does the blonde-locked Sam Champion fall into this? We’re told he was his own biggest lobbiest for the Good Morning America job, even taking to Larry King’s airwaves to make his cause. But Mr. Champion’s, ahem, “‘lifestyle’ is too apparent on television and won’t carry well on national TV to homes across America,” says our tattler.

Meanwhile, over in the blissful gayborhood that Sam and Sean Bell live in, we hear from another well-placed source that New York’s most loved weather fella is getting Kevin Federlined. Those details, after the jump.


Who’s that up there on the left, and whose ass is that on the right, you might be asking. We didn’t recognize the fella’s face (or ass) that landed in our inbox either, until we actually read the copy.

On Monday, we told you about WABC 7 weatherman-slash-golden boy Sam Champion’s new beau, a one Sean Bell. Between showing him off to friends and attending church in Harlem, there probably wasn’t any time for Sam to explain what Sean does.

Luckily, our avid (and pay-for-sex-play) readers do have the time. What you’re looking at are (allegedly!, require the lawyers) Sean Bell’s photos from his profile, where he (allegedly!) advertises his “services.” He describes himself as versatile (though, in action, we hear he’s a strict top) and, we hear (allegedly!), “He did enjoy fisting though!”

How lovely for Mr. Champion. We heard the twosome met over Martin Luther King Jr. weekend, which must’ve included one very long one-handed conversation.

After the jump, the full versions of those not-so-titillating pics.

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