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And such is the life of celebrity DJs: Like the nightspots they spin at, their buzzworthiness has a short shelf life. Take DJ AM, who rocketed on the scene in 2003 when he was dating Nicole Richie. Since their split, he’s entertained himself with celebrity trysts that include Mandy Moore, but without a starlet on his arm, his demand has plummeted. Gone are the five-figure fees from clubs in NYC, LA, the Hamptons, and international destinations; instead, corporate gigs, like this week’s Palm Centro smartphone launch in out in Beverly Hills, are what’s paying the bills. But AM, real name Adam Goldstein, isn’t the outlier.


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Watching Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson pal around a bookstore together is sort of like watching Mario Lopez breeze through a McDonald’s drive-thru: These things do not make sense. [The Insider]

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To fight back at the paparazzi, Lily Allen, who has long attracted their lens, but especially so after gaining weight, and most especially when she decided to lunch with Lindsay Lohan and Sam Ronson, snapped pictures of the crazed photographers, then posted them on her MySpace blog. That’ll show ‘em!

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OK! magazine, the Richard Desmond vehicle for American gossip domination, already has the Spears clan on the line, with an exclusive deal for Jamie Lynn’s baby photos and story. Now, they’re angling for Lohan coup, having reportedly made an offer to Lindsay to do a “coming out” cover story about her wo-mance with the DJ Samantha Ronson. The blood money? A cool $1 million. [P6] But Lohan’s rep says they fielded the offer, and passed.

This leaves OK! now free to purchase photos of the duo smooching in public, and run the same coming out cover story, just with a question mark at the end of the cover headline.

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HEADLINE OF THE WEAK After suing Perez Hilton for defamation – for relaying a report that she planted cocaine in Lindsay Lohan’s car – Samantha Ronson is the one with the red face. (Not, however, the red hair.) A judge not only threw out the suit, but ordered the DJ to pay the blogger’s $85,000 in legal fees. And he’s entitled to another $2k “if he wants it.”

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And It’s All Your Cathy Horyn’s Fault Gwen Screens Her Phone Calls

• Did Cathy Horyn like Gwen Stefani’s L.A.M.B show? No, apparently she did not. Says Horyn: “Among the words I wrote in my notebook, until my pen came to a stop, were ‘blob,’ ‘very last season,’ ‘bad secretary,’ ‘astonishingly bad,’ and ‘Ditzville.” Well, damn!

American Next Top Model winner Caridee is, paradoxically, neither modeling nor a winner.

• Samantha Ronson (celebrity DJ and Lindsay Lohan’s sometimes-girlfriend) reminds us why sister Charlotte is the fashionable one.

• Man sues bodega. ‘Nuff said.


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About that libel lawsuit DJ Samantha Ronson filed against Jill Ishkanian’s and based on their claims that the coke found in sometime-lover Lindsay Lohan’s car during “that accident” was Ronson’s: We hear the accused parties have yet to be served with legal papers of any kind. We asked Ishkanian to elaborate, and received a “no comment.”

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• Samantha Ronson may have royally screwed Lindsay Lohan in every way imaginable.

• Plus, now Ronson is “cheating” on LiLo with frenemy Nicole Richie.

• Meanwhile, that PSA Lindsay shot to discourage drunk driving is suddenly kind of hilarious.

• Avril Lavigne gives out her favorite digit.

• Next time you’re feeling down and out, look at it this way. At least you’re not some unemployed dude living out of your parents’ basement and resting your head on homemade Backstreet Boys pillows.

• Turns out that TB patient who defied health officials’ warnings by going on a wedding trip to Europe may not even have gotten married. On the plus side, he did, however, give lots of people a drug-resistant form of Tuberculosis.

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