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Project Runway: The Best Thing To Happen To Homos Since Marc Jacobs’ Black Leather Messenger Bags
Christian Siriano: Meet The Christian Right

How gay is the upcoming season of Project Runway? More so than usual, it seems! And yet, despite the higher than usual incidence of homosexuality amongst aspiring fashion designers, one contestant is apparently so straight he makes Tim Gunn look like Vin Diesel. Or something. Says one totally random lady:

[Christian] Siriano is so gay he makes Austen Scarlett of Season 1 seem like Rock Hudson. Oh wait, I mean Tom Cruise. Oh, that doesn???t work either???

Ha! Wait—so is she saying everyone is secretly gay or what? We’re feeling as about as confused as an adolescent Perez Hilton watching a Jodie Foster movie in his all-boys boarding school while listening to K.D. Lang. Meanwhile, anyone else psyched for Runway? We hear Michael Kors is a real bitch this season.

Nov 8, 2007 · Link · Repond

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