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Nothing gets New Yorkers into the seasonal spirit quite like complaining. Luckily, the transit strike fell within the same week as the holidays, which truly gave us all something to bitch about. So, in honor of our city’s lovely civilians, we wanted to put together a little synopsis of the cheer felt by New Yorkers during this most frustrating time of the year.

And since we don’t even give our unpaid slave bloggers time off for religion or Santa, Intern Wendy has compiled some lovely prose in order to capture the news media’s coverage of last week:

Since the subways were closed to everyone, city dwellers had the bliss of watching no-talen street performers “working” above ground, freezing their asses off like everyone else. Nothing says “Happy Holidays” like knowing they’ll be off the streets for at least three days, recovering from hypothermia. There was also the off chance of seeing Mayor Bloomberg on the reopened trains. Why dream of a “White Christmas”, when you can dream of saying “screw you” to the man who helped cause this mess in the first place?

The City’s youngest residents get snaps for getting their priorities in order…FAST. Who needs the Santa shit! These kids knew that if the trains stayed shut down, they wouldn’t get any presents from the real Saint Nick: their parents. Of course, once Mommy and Daddy (or their underpaid, illegal immigrant nannies) DID get into the stores, they participated in the greatest holiday tradition of all: fighting tooth and nail for butt ugly, overpriced toys, that the whiny brats will destroy in less than three hours, anyway.

So, what have we learned from ChristmaHannuhKwanzaKuh 2005? That no matter what you throw at New Yorkers, not only will they survive: they’ll bitch about it…at least until 2006.

With Public Transit Restored, Christmas Shoppers Hit Stores In A Hurry [NY1 News]

Dec 27, 2005 · Link · Repond

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