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Amy Winehouse has almost as many Grammy nominations as she does grams of cocaine in her system.

• The Amy Winehouse takeaway for our children:
Drugs + Emotionally Abusive Relationships = Grammy Nominations.

• Fact is, apparently, not all that different from fiction. Rudolph Delson, whose book chronicles the lives of bohemian New Yorkers, has predominantly bohemian New Yorker taste in music.

• A picture of Ricky Martin at the beach with his “friend” proves everything that the complicated and uninteresting hearsay regarding his sexuality implies.

• “Media Industry May Be Hit by Job Cuts,” predictsAlready Happened” magazine. (Okay, fine, it was Reuters).

• DC is voted the most walkable city in America. Too bad walkable isn’t tantamount to fun, attractive or interesting.

• The Jena Six saga continues, as Justin Barker, one of the white kids who was beaten up, files a civil suit. Can’t wait for the counter civil suit.

Dec 6, 2007 · Link · 2 Responses
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Comments (2)
No. 1 Jerry says:

I hope you put the word friend in quotes because you knew it’s his brother Eric.

Posted: Dec 7, 2007 at 9:37 am
No. 2 eagleeyed says:

Yeah, very strange the people who seem unable to believe it is his younger brother. They’ve been identified as such for years, in family photos, public events, et cetera. How much more proof do you need?

Posted: Dec 7, 2007 at 10:12 am
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