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Media Blitz
New Extreme Makeover, The Swan, Dr. 90210 Rip-Off Has Nip/Tuck Producers Going, ‘Hey, Why Didn’t We Think Of That?’

June 4th, 2007

• Disfigured patients to be exploited for entertainment value on new reality tv show; prudish sorts protest.

• CBS plays its hand close to the vest by announcing that they would be “very interested” if Time Warner ever were willing to sell CNN.

• Nobody is watching local news anymore. Apparently everyone—even your grandfather—recently made the switch to The Daily Show.

• FCC continues to be unimpressed with Sirius/XM radio’s proposed merger, Howard Stern’s unique brand of lewd humor.

• “Man charged with putting 24 on the web.” And the war on terror continues!

• The Weather Channel has apparently become a “hot-button” issue. And here we thought the Doppler 4000 was risqué!

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