You’re Probably Dumber For Having Read This

You’re Probably Dumber For Having Read This

According to Salon, “The internet is making us stupid.” (Truth be told, it’s not actually Salon’s theory, it’s the premise of Cass Sunstein’s new book. Which Salon merely recounts, but fails to dispel). As bloggers, however, whose lives and admittedly meager livelihoods are attached to this whole new media craze, we’re inclined to respectfully disagree. And, while we’re at it, to vent.

It’s not the internet per se that accounts for the supposed decreasing intelligence quotient of the overall population. The world wide web as it’s called (by people in our parents’ generation) is simply a medium that proves users with instantaneous access to an unprecedented wealth of information.

What makes web surfers “stupid” is their predilection for abusing that privilege to visit time-wasting, braincell-killing destinations. Like, for instance, the increasing proliferation of social networking sites, gossip sites (thanks for reading!) online video games, instant messenger and, of course, internet porn.

Not to mention the growing prevalence of stuffy, pretentious outposts where horrendous tripe (and flat, one-dimensional interviews with authors/book promoters) is routinely passed off as required reading. And in completely unrelated news, Salon’s viewership has nearly doubled in the past two years.

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