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PETA: ‘Maria Bartiromo Confuses Glamour With Animal-Killing’

August 9th, 2007

Did you think you’d heard the last of adulteress jet-setter Maria Bartiromo (a.k.a. Money Honey, a.k.a. Bank Skank, a.k.a. Erin Burnett 1.0?) Well, think again! Because the misbehaving she-anchor can apparently add animal cruelty to her repertoire of shady journalistic ethics, wild 80’s hair and husband-stealing.

Writes Page Six:

MARIA Bartiromo has People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals screeching after she posed in a $3,695 Michael Kors wool coat and gushed about its fluffy fox-fur cuffs. In More magazine’s September feature on fashionable female movers and shakers over 40, CNBC’s “Money Honey” is seen smiling seductively in a skin-tight Celine matte jersey dress and the Kors coat. She raves: “Chic, sexy clothes are the real me . . . The coat is spectacular; the fur cuffs give it just the right amount of glamour.”

All of which would be rather ho-hum if it weren’t for the amazing retort from PETA spokesman, Michael McGraw.


Fledgling Designer Jay McCarroll Unable To ‘Make It Work’ With His Landlord

August 7th, 2007

Two years after winning the inaugural season of Project Runway, the annoying, overweight and objectionably talented Jay McCarroll continues to wage war against the producers of the show that made him semi-famous.

???You don???t think I took the fucking bus to New York the day after I won the show, thinking someone was going to come up to me on the street and say, ‘You???re awesome, here???s money?’??? he asks. ???I thought that for two years. But I???ve given up on that…I haven???t been living anywhere for two years,??? he says. ???I sleep at other people???s houses. I sleep here if I???m drunk.???

In other words, only as an absolutely last resort, when you’re slightly intoxicated and everything else fell through? What a coincidence! That’s exactly how we feel about Project Runway.

Much to the disappointment of school-aged children everywhere, Labor Day is approaching at a rapid clip.

Which means that autumn is just around the corner, and with it, comes a much-needed reduction in humidity, the beautiful foliage and of course, the gigantic, way-too-heavy-to-fit-in-your-work-bag fashion magazines, advertising way-too-expensive-to-actually-afford fall wardrobes, shown on way-too-skinny-to-be-anything-but-depressing fashion models.

Thankfully, WWD’s Memo Pad is on hand to give us all the boring deets (read: page counts and advertising numbers!) and to take a sneak peek at the various women pre-selected (by the high-powered EIC’s) to grace the respective mags’ covers for this veritable ad sales bonanza.


Though she only managed to steal “a very expensive shirt and some other items” from Louis Vuitton at her Elle magazine shoot, Lindsay Lohan rankled enough short-tempered feathers that she’s supposedly no longer in the running to be the next face of LV. Ahh, that would’ve sounded so much better if Tyra Banks did the voice over. [P6]

And Other Issues That Have Absolutely Everything To Do With Her Presidential Qualifications

July 27th, 2007

“There will always be people who try to make a campaign about make up, clothes, and now, even cleavage,” writes Hillary Clinton’s senior advisor, Ann F. Lewis, in reference to a recent Washington Post article about Hillary’s, er, rack, written by fashion critic Robin Givhan.

“Debates,” Lewis continues, in a lengthy email missive directed at Hillary supporters, “should be serious business. We are, after all, picking the next commander in chief. You and I know that this campaign is about what’s really important,” says Lewis, who then emphasizes her point by giving us some ominous-sounding statistics (or “inconvenient truths,” if you will) about everything from inadequate healthcare, to surging oil costs, worsening air pollution and the war in Iraq.

And, after dutifully reminding us that discussions of the candidates’ cleavage (or, for that matter, her coral jacket) are actually rather trivial, when you really think about it, Lewis finally gets to the part where she oh-so-diplomatically asks for a financial contribution.


Paula Zahn, Gone From CNN But Not Forgotten By The Press. Yet.

July 25th, 2007

• “”You’re not going to survive very long in this business if you internalize every rumor that is out there,” Paula Zahn tells the AP. “To a certain extent, my staff and I were able to drown out the noise and do what we were expected to do.” You know, until she “voluntarily” resigned.

• Salon readers, YouTube subscribers don’t like being called “novices.”

• Exciting news! JLo will grace the cover of that annoying Fashion Rocks outsert you’ll glance at (briefly) before tossing into the trash.

NY Times donates over 700,000 pages of personal letters, financial documents and photographs to the New York Public Library. And it should all be available to the public as early as…the year 2050.


In More Ways Than One

July 20th, 2007

And now we interrupt you with an exciting, mid-afternoon news brief: Intern Joe has a date! Tonight! With a pretty young thing he met at a bar (whose name rhymes with “The Schlock.”) Huzzah! The only problem is, Joe has a closet full of clothes, and not a thing to wear. And that’s where all of you come in.

You see, we’ve ransacked Joe’s closet, and it turns out he owns approximately five (negligibly) presentable outfits. (Not bad for an unpaid intern!) So we figured we’d list the various options, put it up to a reader’s poll, and force Joe to wear whichever ensemble gets the highest number of votes.

So choose carefully, and remember: Joe’s romantic future is in your hands.

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Countdown The Minutes Before Al Sharpton Gets Himself Involved

July 20th, 2007

Did you hear the latest? Apparently Keith Olbermann, who bears a striking resemblance to Alison Stewart, described David Vitter’s* wife’s tacky leopard-print ensemble as a “fashion-ho pas.” And people are pissed!

There’s some furor building over a graphic [above] shown on Tuesday’s Countdown With Keith Olbermann ??? guest-hosted by Alison Stewart ??? which referred to embattled Louisiana Senator David Vitter’s wife as a “ho” for her choice of leopard-print at her husband’s press conference acknowledging his involvement in the DC Madam scandal.

Frankly, we’re not really sure what all the fuss is about.

On the one hand, it’s not as though it’s the worst thing that’s ever been said on Countdown. And on the other hand, it’s a leopard-print blouse, people—not a bustier and thigh-highs. And really, how else is a middle-aged WASP supposed to compete with those paid “escorts” her husband keeps hiring?

* You know, the Senator caught up in that whole ugly, DC Madam sex scandal?

LiLo Shuns ‘Cute Boots’ In Favor Of Bulky Anklet

July 17th, 2007

Yesterday, we all heard that Lindsay’s ditched her Kabbalah red string bracelet in favor of the latest accessory: an ankle monitoring device that constantly tracks her blood alcohol content level through a process called “transdermal alcohol testing.”

But beware, warns fellow alchy-turned-bracelet-wearer “Cassie.” Apparently, in addition to being ‘impossible to tamper with,’ the anklet is also a fashion nightmare.

“It’s like a 1980s pager on either side of your ankle,” says Cassie, 22, who has worn the bracelet for more than five months after being caught drinking and driving on three separate occasions.

Cassie, who is one of 5,347 people wearing the bracelet in the United States, described the bracelet as “big and noticeable” and “very uncomfortable.” Her skin gets irritated under the bracelet and she can no longer wear her “cute boots” because of the bulky hardware.

Fortunately, Lindsay Lohan needn’t worry about the unfashionable nature of the alcohol-monitoring ankle bracelet.


High Fashion World Embraces Trendy Persons Of Pallor

July 16th, 2007

It’s no secret that couture models (a.k.a. glorified clothes-hangers) are putting their malnourished bodies under dangerous amounts of strain due to a steady regimen of chain-smoking, compulsive exercising and liquid dieting, as well as the misguided impression that a protruding ribcage is this season’s “must-have accessory.”

But now, a gripping ad campaign in the current issue of Harper’s Bazaar showcases a new, heretofore undetected health risk for the elite supermodel: jaundiced yellow skin.

So far, this latest affliction (deemed “beyond glam” by fashion insiders) seems confined to high-fashion runway walkers and the pretentious designers who dress them, but there’s no telling how soon it will spread to the pages of more lowbrow fashion advertisements, including (but not limited to) ads for Target, Contempo Casual, Dress Barn, H&M, and Sarah Jessica Parker’s bargain basement line, “Bitten.”

When reached for comment, bored, disinterested sounding fashionista types staunchly defended the new look, rolling their eyes and explaining in curt, matter-of-fact tones that, “Sallow is the new white.”

More evidence of this shocking/controversial phenomenon, after the jump.


Living Life In Peace. And Not Giving A Shit About Paul McCartney’s Fugly Swim Trunks

July 13th, 2007

We can’t decide what’s sadder.

The fact that Us Weekly’s ruthless “fashion police” have wasted their time and energy critiquing the inadvertent faux pas committed by a 65 year-old former Beatle…or the fact that they couldn’t even be bothered to get his name right in the process.


London’s Sunday Times gets it wrong about the Black Eyed Peas’ Fergie being paid to plug Candie’s in her lyrics. She plugs cheap brands, like Taco Bell, gratis.

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It’s not just Milan trying to make modeling, ahem, safer. (Pause, swallow, breathe. Modeling can be, like, life threatening.) Now London Fashion Week might wave g’bye to girls under 16, fearing these young things might develop eating disorders to maintain the human hangar look the runway requires.

There’s also, supposedly, a risk of sexual exploitation because these young girls are made up to look like older women.

Just like your younger sister at Guest House.

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Catherina Zeta-Jones Shuns Conditioner In Favor Of Overpriced Fish Eggs

July 9th, 2007

• Hey, you know what’s even fishier than sleeping with a guy old enough to be your father grandfather? Washing your hair with Beluga caviar at $400 a pop.

• Lisa Rinna puts the “skin” in “skinny.”

Washington Post names Britney Spears “Biggest Celebrity Train Wreck,” prompting Lindsay Lohan to respond, “He-llo! What about me?”

• Gwen Stefani, Gavin Rossdale and baby Kingston pick up some groceries on the way to Diddy’s annual “White Party.”

• Turns out New Yorkers could use a couple of fashion tips from Joan and Melissa Rivers.

• Mariah Carey may not be your sweet, sweet fantasy, baby any longer, but at least she’s significantly less chunky than she used to be.

Celebrities Say Goodbye To ABC’s Longtime Film Critic, Joel Siegel

July 9th, 2007

• Jeffrey Katzenberg on Joel Siegel: “He understood that behind every movie was a person, a human being, somebody who had poured their heart and soul out for a year or two or three and he cared.”

• How do television networks and advertisers count the number of viewers on the Web? On one hand…at least for reruns of The Facts of Life and Mr. Belvedere. ZING!

• Meanwhile, a Murdoch-owned WSJ “would be a horror show,” says an apparently still-interested Tina Brown.

• Turns out dangling prepositions, misplaced modifiers and syntax errors could (mis)spell disaster for would-be online daters.

Women’s Health is so green it’s actually blue.

• Just because Kate Spade is now owned by Liz Claiborne Inc. doesn’t mean their ads won’t still be elitist, and really, really expensive.

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