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We Talk Fashion, Project Runway And Roger Federer With Rag & Bone Designer Marcus Wainwright

Much to our utter chagrin, Fashion Week is apparently still going on. And aside from trolling the tents for free goodies [Ed: Word to the wise, avoid the DHSL cookies] crashing parties and snapping photos of the fashionably impaired, we also had a chance to chat with Rag & Bone designer, Marcus Wainwright (above, left).

As it turns out, Marcus (with whom we are, obvs, on a first name basis) is a frighteningly charming and debatably handsome British man with a dazzling accent and somewhat predictable answers to our equally as predictable fashion questions. So in an effort to contextualize our brief but enlightening sit-down (er, stand-up) with Marcus, we’ve decided to include our own somewhat more revealing answers along with his.

We hope you enjoy the oddly juxtaposed result.

What did you do (after your show) last night?
MW: We had a big party, then we went out to another big party [and] had too much to drink.
Jossip: We partied with Tim Gunn, complained about how there are NO BATHROOMS at the Soho Grand and then had to use every ounce of restraint not to shriek like 12-year-old girls when Natasha Bedingfield sang “Unwritten.”

What’s the worst fashion trend of all time?
MW: Acid-washed jeans, early 80’s shoulder pads, mid-80’s shoulder pads. The 80’s with, like, the eyeshadow…they’re just not flattering.
Jossip: Skinny jeans. Because we can’t wear them.

What’s the most you’ve ever spent on a single article of clothing?
MW: Haven’t bought any clothing myself for six years. Before that…not a lot. I spent a lot of money on clothes I made for myself.
Jossip: One time, our boyfriend bought us a Marc Jacobs bag for Christmas. It singlehandedly costs approximately four times as much as everything else in our closet. Combined.

What’s the worst thing that ever happened to do you during a show?
MW: Nothing’s ever gone horribly wrong. The lights have never collapsed, the music has never stopped. We’ve been very lucky.
Jossip: Whenever the bitchy List Girl checks our name, twice, frowns then says, “There must be some mistake.”

Do you watch Project Runway?
MW: No, I don’t. I don’t have cable…But I couldn’t do that. If somebody gave me, like, a packet of coffee filters and said, “Quick, make a dress!” I couldn’t.
Jossip: We may or may not own a dress made up entirely of coffee filters.

What’s the best thing about Fashion Week?
MW: The excitement about fashion, about New York. We love everything about it, it’s great for us.
Jossip: It’s a tie between the gift bags and the first time we discovered that even supermodels have cellulite.

What’s the worst thing about Fashion Week?
MW: There’s no worst thing, really. Fashion Week is always very good for us. Too many invites?
: The same, except the opposite.

Have you been following the tennis?
MW: Not really, but we actually were fortunate enough to meet Roger Federer the other day.
Jossip (interrupts awkwardly): OMG, I’m in love with him!
MW: Er, yes. (Pauses). Well you’d think being the best player in tennis now, possibly ever, it’d have gone to his head a little but he’s actually quite a decent guy. Very impressive.
Jossip: Awk-ward. Yeah, we’re starting to regret publicly admitting that we have a “secret” crush on Federer. Again.

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