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Failing Pop Culture 101
Does Anyone Understand What The ‘London Bridge’ Lyrics Really Mean?

June 14th, 2007

During an uncharacteristic visit to Entertainment Weekly’s website this morning, we came across an amazing piece of journalism in which EW editors confess their most embarrassing pop-culture blind spots.

And while we enjoyed reading Joshua Rich’s apology for never having having watched The Simpsons (”The first nine chords of the theme song—you know, the notes I hear just after the news ends and just before I flip over to The Daily Show—they make The Simpsons sound so smart and funny”) we were damn near blown away by Annie Barrett’s musings on the incomprehensibility of mainstream music.

Thanks to my iPod, I’ve managed to avoid Top 40 music for years. Last summer, when something called ”London Bridge” came out and everyone was like, ”What the hell is Fergie saying?” I contributed heavily to conversations with gems like, ”I just don’t get it,” and, ”Huh?” I’m positive I ended up sounding pretty well informed.

Thanks for having the strength to finally come forward, Annie.

And, for what it’s worth, we’ve heard the song “London Bridge” more times than we’d care to recollect, and you pretty much summed it up.

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