Are Facebook Users Ready For Freedom Of Verb? 37999

Are Facebook Users Ready For Freedom Of Verb?
We is not

So about a month ago, there was breaking news from Facebook. Most users could give a shit that Facebook was manipulating their personal life for advertisers??? benefit. We???re talking about the dropping of the ???is??? in status updates.

How exciting not to be tied to a verb or a conjugation. And since news of this development came out almost a month before things changed on the site, users had time to think about other verbs and other conjugations. If there were ever a time to defenestrate, confabulate and attenuate, it was now.

Except, just like college, everyone on Facebook is a massive tool.

Some people are forgetting that the is is no longer there, and end up just ???dreaming of econ.??? Others end up ???isn???t,??? which is clever, but sort of something you could do before, as “is n’t”? Some people end up having or doing, but mostly everyone reverts back to being. Now, you could be anything, and you end up clogging toilets, which makes us think Facebook had a point in the beginning of is.

Maybe we need smarter friends. But then again, who are we to judge?

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