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Everything at Intermix Is On Sale … For Some

Despite Wenner Media communications chief Mark Neschis assuring us there “is absolutely no truth to” the rumors we heard about a special relationship between Us Weekly and Intermix, a source inside the fashion company confirms to us that select editors at the magazine do, in fact, enjoy a discount. Among them: Editor-in-chief Janice Min, who is said to rank up there with “VIPs … including people in the press and celebrities” who have the option of snagging something like 15 percent off their purchases. (That said, Janice supposedly has never shopped there.)

So what does Us have to do to earn their reward? Plug the store, of course. Which is why a recent issue that featured a quarter-page “Hot Spot: Intermix L.A” item doesn’t surprise many. Intermix calls this arrangement “a special working relationship.”

But don’t expect to find a written contract between Us and Intermix. It’s fair to say the majority of magazines have under-the-table deals between high-ranking staffers and various fashion and consumer goods companies that are – shocker! – regularly featured in their editorial. Some are authorized from the top, but most operate with an unwritten rulebook, thanks to all those complicated ethics guidelines.

Oct 11, 2007 · Link · Repond

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