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Breaking: Eliot Spitzer Doesn’t Really Care About You, Anyone You Know
Unless, That Is, You Happen To Be Extremely Well-Connected And/Or The Dean Of An Ivy League University

Think Fridays are slow news days? Think again! Today, in a rousing lead entitled “Scathing Look at Gov’s Goofs,” Page Six blows the lid off an upcoming Vanity Fair’s article purporting to, well, blow the lid off Eliot Spitzer’s lifelong pattern of brazen social-climbing.

“[Spitzer] wants to do a good job,” Hank Sheinkopf is quoted as saying. “But, ultimately, what he really gives a [bleep] about is whether Harvard, Princeton, Yale and The New York Times love him, because, in the back of his brain, if they don’t love him, he’s nobody.”

Wait a sec, so Spitzer’s less interested in serving the general public and more interested in pandering to a closed circle of highly influential liberal elitists? Start the presses! Looks like Spitzer’s finally been recognized for what he truly is: a consummate politician.

Nov 30, 2007 · Link · Repond

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