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Bonnie Fuller Thanks Britney For Selling Magazines Making Her Feel Better About Herself
Fuller Proves It’s Possible To Attack Britney, Defend Her Amorality And Plug The Current Issue Of Star Magazine In One Single Post

Why does everyone still care about Britney’s erratic behavior? Why do magazines with her face on the cover continue to fly off the racks week after week despite bearing near-identical headlines like “Children In Danger!” and “Where’s Mommy?” Because, as it turns out, people have found that reading about rich, famous people who just can’t seem to get their shit together actually makes them feel better about themselves.

At least, that’s how shameless Britney detractor (and HuffPo contributor) Bonnie Fuller sees it. As the Star chieftain writes:

Every time that our girl Brit cluelessly tries to whitestrip her toddler’s teeth instead of brushing them or runs a red light with the court-appointed monitor and her two sons all strapped in her car…give yourselves permission to pat yourselves on the back for a change. You may not be the perfect mom, but you ain’t Britney.

Thanks for that explanation/rationalization, Bonnie! We feel truly enlightened. After all, who knew muckraking stories about Britney skipping court-ordered drug tests in favor of “major” liposuction on her tummy and upper thighs could be so damn uplifting?

Nov 14, 2007 · Link · 1 Reponse

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No. 1
hms says:

Maybe this is all a “Louisiana thaanng”? Maybe this is how mothers behave in LA, not L.A?

Posted: Nov 14, 2007 at 4:42 pm

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