That New Lady Blog Has a Fitting Name 36800

That New Lady Blog Has a Fitting Name
Something to do with the "evil" and "scheming" part of the definition
May 21st, 2007

Because DailyCandy can’t fill every girl’s need to obsess about her waist size, Gawker is launching a blog today-ish to fill the void left by all those uneaten calories. is the much-mongered-about ladies site that, supposedly, will mix women’s fashion and media. (Us? We turn to Katrina Szish for that craving, mostly because she’ll have a great Jessica Simpson anecdote to go with.)

But the new launch isn’t sitting well with everybody. And by “everybody” we mean Atlanta’s Jezebel magazine, the luxury glossy from Dickey Publishing. We checked in with an industry soldier over there, who hasn’t heard of this “Gawker” thing, nor its “Jezebel blogsite,” but is pretty certain Dickey won’t be terribly pleased to learn “Dick Denton” is encroaching on their copyright.

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