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Amy Fisher’s Ex Apologizes For Selling The Couples’ Homemade Sex Tape After She Ditched Him To Go Back With Joey Buttafuoco

• Amy Fisher’s ex-husband is sorry he sold a sex tape of his ex-wife purely out of spite. It was wrong, and immature, he explains, before laughing nervously and adding, “Amy, seriously, please don’t kill my new girlfriend.”

• As it turns out, porn stars really are only good at one thing.

• Britney’s album drops today, for those of you who care. Which, for what it’s worth, is still a surprising number of you.

• Aw, Izzie and George are friends in real life! Just like on the show! Except without the part where they’re madly in love and have sexual relations.

• Ever wondered what gross Halloween party food looks like? Now you no longer have to! Bon appetit.

• Meanwhile, note to frat guys: You know that totally awesome costume idea you came up with after your second kegstand? Turns out, not so awesome.

Oct 30, 2007 · Link · Repond

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