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Angelina Jolie On Tabloid Journalism
May 22nd, 2007

I know there???s a cycle of certain things that they keep rewriting or whatever, but I can assume things are made up. But no, I haven???t a clue. (laughter) And why would I, you know? There???s nothing I have to hide or defend. You know, I???m gonna live my life. And there are gonna be times when people wanna try to attack me and I don???t know why, but they will. And that???s okay…

Well, there are other things I???m more concerned about. My kids are healthy. I have a lot I want to do in this world. Before I do, I wanna do a lot of things as a woman, as a mom, and that???s my focus. At the end of the day, I???m gonna be dead… and what people say about me is gonna be what I accomplished and what I did in my life and how my children are.

–Angelina Jolie [via MSNBC]

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No. 1 Addyboo says:

As long as Shiloh doesn’t turn out like Paris Hilton, I’ll support Angie’s statement. But only time will tell.

Is it just me, or since Angelina and Brad started doing their thing has she not lost most if not all of her flava? I miss the creepy Billy Bob’d Angelina.

Posted: May 22, 2007 at 1:04 am

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