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Americans Want Oprah for President
Bonnie Fuller makes the case. Or not.

Because she doesn’t get a letter in the front pages of Star, Bonnie Fuller relies on the Huffington Post to communicate with her inner child. And the general public. Yesterday, she tackled the subject of Oprah’s endorsement of Barack Obama, which represents an intersection of two of Bonnie’s favorite things: celebrities and black people. Citing a poll, Bonnie writes:

There could be a backlash to celebrity endorsements of political candidates ??? even to Oprah’s personal pick. Sixty-nine percent of Star’s respondents said they’d be less likely to vote for Barack Obama now that Oprah has endorsed him as a candidate. Only 31% said they’d be more likely.

Now, this response actually made me wonder if people just wanted to dispense with the politicians altogether and get right to it ??? vote directly for a celebrity and not just their political proxy.

Um, what?

Those results don’t suggest readers want to vote for Oprah herself, but that her endorsement might be having a negative impact on Obama’s electability. Because web-based polls are so reliable.

Fuller realizes this, and contradicts her original conclusion, two paragraphs later:

However, when asked if Oprah should just go for it and run for president herself, the poll was definitive ??? 72 percent said she shouldn’t run. And if she did run, 67% wouldn’t vote for her.

Luckily, when asked who they’d like to have Christmas dinner with – Hillary, Barack, or Oprah – readers chose the TV queen. Faith in humanity: restored.

Dec 14, 2007 · Link · 3 Responses

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Comments (3)

No. 1
Susan says:

Maybe SHE should run as his VP.

Posted: Dec 14, 2007 at 7:54 pm

No. 2
terra says:

maybe she should keep her nose out of politics.

Posted: Dec 14, 2007 at 9:03 pm

No. 3
Jamie says:

Maybe she’s a person and has a right to stand behind any campaign she chooses.

Posted: Dec 15, 2007 at 12:52 am

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