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As Parenthood draws to a close, many in the critical community are growing weary of the seemingly happy endings on the horizon for members of the Braverman clan.

What happened on Parenthood Season 6 Episode 11 that left some sort of disgruntled? Check out the recap below or watch Parenthood online to see for yourself.

Crosby and Adam begin the business of saying goodbye to their, uh, business. As they prepare to close the doors for the last time, they look back fondly over their first day of operation together.

Sarah forces Hank to have a conversation about his recent emotional outburst. He says that while the drama may have been high at the time, he has no intentions of taking back what he said as he meant every word.

Joel and Julia also have a conversation. She tries to talk over the phone but he says they need to meet in person, so she spruces herself up. They end up sleeping together. More than once.

She feels bad for keeping their meeting from the kids, but she’s just trying to protect them. She doesn’t know if they can make things work and she’s scared. He promises he’ll never leave her again.

Later, while she’s skating with the kids, she needs to hear his voice, so she calls. He comes to the rink and they end up kissing. The children see and are ecstatic.

Meanwhile, Amber receives a crib from Seth and she’s upset that he sent it leaving her and Sarah to put it together. Sarah says they’ll hire someone but Hank ends up helping. Sarah can’t decide how she feels about Hank and finally reaches a conclusion thanks to a nudge from Camille.

Adam and Crosby decide to make the Luncheonette work and Zeek leaves the baseball hidden in a shoebox in the barn for future children to find.