J.K. Simmons Is Totally Jacked Now! WOW!

J.K. Simmons Is Totally Jacked Now! WOW!

You might know J.K. Simmons as "that guy." 

That guy who played the dad in Juno, that guy who won the Academy Award in Whiplash, that guy from the Spiderman movies. Basically, he's a character actor who's been in a lot of stuff.

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2015 Oscar Predictions: Will Boyhood or Birdman Go Home With the Gold?

2015 Oscar Predictions: Who Will Go Home With the Gold?

This Sunday, Hollywood will gather at the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles to perform the impressive feat of kissing its own ass without suffering some sort of severe spinal injury.

Yes, it's Academy Awards time - the one magical night on which millions of Americans tune in to find out if that one movie they actually saw will win anything.

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2015 Oscar Nominees: What Were Their First Roles?

Last week, the 2015 Oscar nominees were revealed, and the list was not without some surprises.

Granted, the biggest news is that the pack of contenders is whiter than Romney family reunion in a blizzard, but even once that shock subsides (It probably never will.) you may find yourself doing a double take at some of this year's nominees.

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