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Yesterday Redmond O’Neal appeared in front of judge Scott Millington in a Los Angeles courtroom and stated that he is doing “a lot better” after spending two-weeks at a detox facility.

Surely he is doing better if his body is free of drugs for the time being. The judge told Redmond, “You’re looking a lot better than the last time I saw you. You’re on the right path. I know it’s easy to stray. Stay Clean.”

Redmond and his father actor Ryan O’Neal were both arrested on September 17th for possession of methamphetamine. This all happened because Redmond, who was on probation, received an unexpected visit from his probation officer. Surprise!

Lucky for Ryan he has a clever lawyer, Mark Werksman who told People magazine that the drugs that were found in his client’s bedroom were his sons and that he had confiscated them from Redmond. He claims that he was trying to keep his son clean so he hid them.

Hello….you hid them? For what? Flush them down the toilet, get rid of them! Also, what’s up with the judges statement – I know it’s easy to stray? Come on!

Redmond told the court that he would be enrolling in a treatment program. No word if he is talking about this week, next week or next year.