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If you tuned in this morning to Howard Stern‘s Sirius XM radio show, then you know that Artie Lange did not show up for work yet again this morning.

Stern is sticking with the story that he has not spoken with Lange, but did share the fact that Artie sent Gary a “cryptic text message” saying that he wouldn’t be returning today. For those keeping score, this is week two of his disappearing act.

After reading the text, Howard wasn’t sure if he should share the info with his listeners so he handed it over to Robin. Upon reading the text, Robin’s response was “Oh Wow!”.

Evidently the message said that it wasn’t drugs but depression that was causing his withdrawl symptoms. Robin went on to say that she thought Lange had been given something to prevent that from happening.

Howard addressed listeners who have been calling in to ask about Artie’s status by saying that Lange would return to the studio “eventually”. Though a few clues were dropped today, Stern went on to say that Artie would need to be the one to tell his own story.

Best of luck to Artie.

Photo: WENN