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What’s hot on the net today? We’ve got a collection of the latest gossip and hard news for your viewing pleasure – all in one spot. Check out the links below for the full scoop on a variety of hot topics.

Foxy Knoxy aka Amanda Knox was found guilty of murder by an Italian court yesterday – photos and story here.

Wrestling legend Verne Gagne’s granddaughter, teacher Gail Gagne, charged with sexual misconduct.

Bikini hottie Becky Griggs used to weigh 352 pounds.

Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore exchanged romantically suggestive Twitpics that they dubbed Hat Chat – see video and photos here.

Tom Brokaw and his wife were involved in a car crash that proved fatal for one driver.

Former Miss Venezuela Solange Magnano dead after a butt lift plastic surgery procedure.

Other Woman #4, Jamie Jungers has lawyered up in the continuing Tiger Woods affairs saga.

Jesper Parvevik sorry he ever hooked up his nanny Elin Nordegren with PGA pal Tiger. Pics of Elin and her twin Josefin Nordegren.

Morgan Freeman has a paralyzed hand – see photos here.

Amy Adams is pregnant.

Taylor Swift shows us her bikini photos and video from a recent tropical vacation.

White House press secretary Robert Gibbs gets huffy with reporter April Ryancheck out the video.

More photos below.

Photos: WENN