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The tally is in on this year’s USA Today Gallup Poll for Most Admired People 2009. The poll asked respondents: What man and woman living today do you admire the most? The clear male winner was Barack Obama with 30% of the votes. The female winner was nearly a dead heat between Hillary Rodham Clinton, who received 16 % of the votes and Sarah Palin with 15% of the votes.

Behind Obama were George W. Bush, 4%, Nelson Mandela, 3%, and a virtual four way tie between Glenn Beck, Pope Benedict XVI, Rev. Billy Graham and Bill Gates, who each garnered 2% of the votes cast.

Behind Clinton and Palin were Oprah Winfrey, 8%, Michelle Obama, 7%, Condoleezza Rice and Queen Elizabeth at 2%, and Margaret Thatcher and Maya Angelou with 1%.

This is the second year for all three of our top picks. Last year Obama led the pack with 32%. Hillary had 20% to Sarah’s 11%, which would seem to indicate the Palin has gained some appeal and Clinton has lost some ground.

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