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When Travis Barker and DJ AM teamed up to become TRV$DJAM, it was a match made in musical heaven. Individually they were good, Barker on the drums and AM on the turntables, but as a team they became an undeniable force in music.

Traveling all over the world to do shows together, the two became extremely close–a closeness that was magnified when they nearly lost their lives together back in 2008 after surviving a plane crash. In the aftermath of such a life altering experience, it seemed an unbreakable bond had been formed.

Unfortunately that bond did break. On August 28th, 2009, DJ AM was found dead in his New York City apartment. Hoping to keep his friend and fellow music lover’s memory alive, Travis Barker got a DJ AM memorial tattoo which he showed off to the world via his Twitter Page March 4, 2010. RIP DJ AM.

For more photos of Travis Barker and DJ AM see below:

Photos: WENN