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Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have reportedly received death threats that are believed to be from groups opposed to their Scientology faith.

Security for Tom, Katie and daughter Suri, who are currently living in separate locations due to work demands, was stepped up last week after protesters from the anti-Scientology group Anonymous targeted the Los Angeles premiere of Cruise’s film “Valkyrie,” where the star was in attendance.

(It should be noted that Anonymous has not been named as the source of the death threats.)

Sources tell the Daily Mail the threats are perceived to be so great that the FBI has been called in.

The Daily Mail also reports that the family has been moving around in bomb-proof vehicles, however, someone apparently forgot to send the memo to Katie Holmes. Holmes, who is performing in the Broadway show “All My Sons,” was spotted on Christmas Eve walking to the Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre from her Manhattan apartment, as she routinely does.

Photos below.