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Yes, it’s time for another sad Teresa Giudice update, although this one at least offers a glimmer of hope.

As you’re likely aware, Giudice reported to prison on Monday, and is now on day three of her residency at Danbury Correctional Institution.

Yesterday, we learned that Giudice will make 12 cents an hour doing some form of menial labor.

Today, her lawyer issued a statement saying that Teresa knows where she’d like to be assigned:

“I think she hopes to turn this into something positive,” said attorney James L. Leonard, Jr. “She indicated that if she had her choice, she would like to work in the kitchen facility, because obviously she’s a good cook.”

Naturally, T is also hoping to be sprung ahead of schedule:

“Our projections are that if nothing changes with her sentence, she should be released some time in early December,” Leonard says.

So Teresa wants a job in the kitchen and she’s hoping to be out in just under a year. Suddenly, we feel guilty for complaining about slow wi-fi.

Someone else going to prison really puts things in perspective, right?

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