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Tamra Barney has had a long, strange run on Bravo, but it looks like the network may finally be ready to cut ties with the outspoken Housewife.

The feud between Tamra and Lizzie Rovsek provided much of the drama for The Real Housewives of Orange County which wrapped its ninth season with a second reunion special earlier this week.

After the show, Tamra took to her Bravo blog and slammed her co-star, claiming Rovsek is “obsessed” with her.

It now looks as though that was the final straw for Andy Cohen and company, as they reportedly fired Tamra on Tuesday.

While reality stars are usually canned for boring audiences, Tamra was reportedly let go for the unlikely of reasons: she was creating too much drama.

“Bravo is actively casting for someone who is a voice of reason,” says a production insider. “They want to replace [Tamra] who’s stirring up too much sh-t … the entire cast is against her.”

Yes…fired from a Housewives series for being too dramatic. That’s a sure sign that it’s time for therapy.

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