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It is always fun when you come across someone or something that gets your mind working in overdrive and that is exactly what happened when we came across a website called Angela and Andrea Crossman simply believe that if we love more, things will change.

Lovemore was founded in 2008 by sisters who have dedicated their careers to the holistic arts after pursuing more traditional professional paths in the business world. Their first ‘unofficial’ business meeting took place circa 1975, as evidenced in the photo below.

Many years passed before they really got down to business by having a few tee shirts made,with their mantra “Love More”, to share with friends. Inspired by the reactions of loved ones and the power of the message, they began building a business around the theme and a living and breathing company evolved.

“Lovemore is a message, an experience and a call to action – a call to let love be our guiding principal in every situation. As individuals, there’s only one way that we can control how much we love and how much peace and joy we have in our lives, and that is to put it there. The only way to truly experience love in all moments is to bring love to each and every moment.”

“Though we may forget sometimes, the truth of the matter is that we get to choose what we experience. How? By bringing the very thing that we want to every situation. Namely, love.”

We recommend that you check out the story of these two amazing sisters at Find out how they are making a difference with their “green” environmentally friendly ideas. These women donate a portion of all proceeds from their t-shirts, belts and bags to a carefully selected group of non-profit organizations around the world. They are tracking these philanthropic efforts as they unfold so that they can witness and share with others the impact of supporting and living the Lovemore message.

Heads up Oprah, this is a perfect feel good story to showcase on your show. Tom Cruise, if there was ever a truly good reason to jump around on a couch, this would be it.

Their tagline: LOVEMORE…Passionately, Often, Fearlessly…even when it’s hard.

Check out some of what they have to offer below.