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It’s funny how fast things change! Just two short weeks ago we heard how mortified Shauna Sand was over an explicit tape that had surfaced, showing her engaging in sex acts with her current boyfriend. Not only did it surface, but Vivid Entertainment claims Sand signed a contract that would allow them to air the video.

After Vivid announced that they would be moving forward with the distribution of Shauna’s intimate tape, she hired a lawyer to stop the project. That move was short lived and we have since learned that Shauna has dropped the lawsuit and is now backing the project.

We smell a pay-off, but Sands claims the reason behind dropping the suit was because it could prove to be “long and expensive”, says TMZ.

Shauna’s ex husband Lorenzo Lamas and his children recently launched their own reality show, Leave It to Lamas on the E! network. Seems like perfect timing on the “tape”.