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Secret millionaire Grace Groner

Grace Groner, who passed away at age 100 in January, left her entire estate, worth $7 million to her alma mater, Lake Forest College in Illinois.

Groner amassed a fortune, which stemmed from a $180 Abbott Laboratories stock purchase she made in 1935. She worked as a secretary for the company for 43 years.

Groner lived frugally in a modest one bedroom home plainly decorated with some furniture and an antique television. Years ago, she donated $180,000 to the liberal arts school for a scholarship program enabling some of the college’s students to pursue internships and study abroad.

College administrators were shocked to learn of Groner’s gift. According to Lake Forest College president Stephen Schutt, he had known of Groner’s plan for her estate for over a year, but until her death he had no idea how large the gift would be.

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