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Sarah Welch, former contestant on The Bachelor Rome, is suing over a catwalk fall from an October 2007 fashion show at the Mondrian Hotel in West Hollywood.

Welch, who was one of the final two contestants vying for a rose from Charlie O’Connell on season 7 of The Bachelor, claims she suffered “great injuries to her body, shock and injuries to her nervous system,” when she fell through a hole in the catwalk.

During an earlier demonstration by Shaolin monks, one of the monks did a front flip and landed a little too hard, creating the hole.

Welch walked onto the catwalk and fell through the hole and into the Mondrian pool below. “I had no idea that there was a hole there. It was almost like falling through ice. I was trying to get out and I remember there were pieces breaking around me and I couldn’t,” she told Inside Edition in 2007.

Welch initially took the fall in stride, even joking with KABC-TV, “It is just a really funny mishap. And I hope they’re enjoying watching it just as much as I am!”

Welch is suing for negligence and is seeking unspecified damages.

View the Sarah Welch catwalk fall video below.