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Sammy Sosa and his wife Sonia Sosa have been photographed at several red carpet events this year and to the surprise of most, the former MLB athlete appears to be undergoing a skin transformation from black to white.

We’ve included photos of the couple taken in New York City in May, and have contrast it with a photo taken on November 4 at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas. Sammy’s skin pigmentation appears to have changed dramatically, leading most people to suppose that the home run hitter is using makeup to cover a skin discoloration known as vitiligo.

There are several underlying causes of the depigmentation, one of them is steroid use. It was reported earlier this year that Sosa tested positive for steroids when he was playing for the Chicago Cubs in 2003.

Michael Jackson and news anchor Lee Thomas are two public figures said to have been afflicted by the medical condition.

View more photos below.