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Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani ruffled the feathers of The View’s NYC audience the day after Election Day when discussing the qualifications of Sarah Palin vs. Barack Obama.

When discussing the possibility of Palin running for president, Giuliani commented, “Let her run. If she’s as bad as you think, she’ll lose. If she can really make her case, she will win.”

“So do you think she actually has a case? What is the case? I would like to know what it is,” co-host Whoopi Goldberg prodded.

“I don’t want to get you all, you know, down on me, but the reality is, she’s got a hell of a lot more qualifications than Barack Obama did when he ran for president.”

Giuliani, a self-proclaimed healthcare expert, went on to to say that President Obama “doesn’t get it,” when it comes to healthcare reform.

Watch Rudy Giuliani on The View in video below.

Video from 11/03/2010:

More of the segment – Giuliani talks about healthcare: