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Rihanna has become the latest star to be caught up in a nude photo scandal after website Imagehaven posted seven photos showing the singer partially clothed in some photos, while other shots show segments of a woman’s torso, presumably that of Rihanna.

The singer has not commented on how the photos, which were reportedly taken in a Hollywood hotel bathroom, through a reflection in a large mirror, left her possession and ended up on the world stage.

The question is: who leaked the pics and why. With Chris Brown still up to his neck in legal problems with a battery charge hanging over his head, would he do this to discredit the singer? Would she leak her own photos, including one of Chris Brown with her pink panties on his head? All very good questions with no solid answers.

See photo of Rihanna reflected in a Hollywood hotel mirror below. Written across the mirror in white lipstick is the sentiment, “I love you Robyn” – Rihanna’s real name.