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Playgirl magazine says that their subscription sales have gone through the roof because of Levi Johnston. He will appear on the cover of the January issue. He is a good looking kid man and all….but really? Marketing ploy? Probably.

Levi’s manager seems awfully excited about the two day shoot. He considers it a fantastic opportunity for his young client and claims that Johnston isn’t the least bit nervous.

“People are going to see more of Levi then they thought. There was a hockey stick involved.”

Johnston’s claim to fame is the fact that he and Bristol Palin are the parents of Sarah Palin‘s grandson Tripp. The former Alaska governor’s family insists that he’s doing this spread for attention. Johnston’s manager says not so.

It seems more likely to be all about the money and the potential of sparking a modeling career. The manager pointed out that many famous people have done the magazine, including…Burt Reynolds, Jim Brown and Mario Lopez.

While we sit here and laugh, we suspect Johnston’s manager may be out of touch with current reality? Is it worth the price of a subscription to check out Johnston’s buff body? Will the Palin’s be tempted to take a peek? We wonder…

Check out some of the Playgirl pics here.

Photo: WENN