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The Hill’s star Doug Reinhardt isn’t wasting anytime trying to impress his new girlfriend Paris Hilton. Lucky for him he was able to show his affection by showering Hilton with gifts for her 28th birthday.

Paris turned 28 on February 17th. Not surprising is the fact that there are still parties being thrown in her honor. Hard Rock Hotel’s Body English celebrated her belated birthday last Saturday.

Surely, in her most annoying sultry voice, Paris said, “He probably got me more presents than any guy ever. He’s sweet.”

One of the gifts that Doug gave her was a new puppy, a baby teacup Pomeranian. When asked about their relationship, Reinhardt said that they are getting serious and that Paris is the “most amazing girl on the planet.”

And the count down begins…..

Photos of the birthday bash below.

Photo: WENN