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Orlando Bloom and Justin Bieber must attract the same type of women, because despite they’re 17-year age difference, the two wispy heartthrobs have been involved in not one, but two romantic rivalries.

First, it was rumored that Bieber banged Miranda Kerr, Bloom’s ex-wife and the mother of his child.

After that, Orlando slyly retaliated by sidling up to Biebs’ ex, and rumors that Orlando and Selena Gomez were dating could be found in every tabloid.

Well, it now looks as though things finally came to a head in Ibiza, with Orlando taking a swing at Justin in a restaurant. You can watch video of the Bloom/Bieber fight here.

Sadly, Bloom didn’t connect, but we get to hear Bieber squeal, “What’s up, bitch!” at Orly in his most convincing big boy voice.

Witnesses on hand say Bieber retreated from the altercation, eliciting cheers from the celebrity crowd on hand.

It’s about time Baby Biebs learned that if you make running your mouth a lifestyle, eventually someone’s gonna try and cram a fist in there.