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Ummm, good! If I were O.J. Simpson‘s girlfriend I would be shy and quiet too (which I am anything but). Christie Prody whom by the way has been dating O.J. since right after the deaths of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman. Anyways, her mother wanted to clear the air about her daughters misfortune reputation.

“The mother of O.J. Simpson’s girlfriend Christie Prody said her daughter is not the type of girl who fools around with the household help. Defending her 32-year-old daughter against reports that Simpson went ballistic when he learned that Prody supposedly had slept with his gardener, Cathy Bellmore, 54, told the Daily News, ‘No, that isn’t her. That’s not in her character. She’s never cheated on a boyfriend before.’ The gardener’s wife, Marlene Gonzalez, disagrees. She has said Simpson showed up at their Miami home on July 29, raving about how Prody and her husband, Janos Gonzalez, had had sex earlier that day. She said she gave the football great the brushoff, but when Simpson saw her husband, Simpson went into a rage and threatened to kill him. Police came to the home, but no charges were filed, she said.”


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