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There is always someone to blame when financial ruin comes knocking. Actor Nicolas Cage is slowly losing most of his homes and is blaming his long-time business partner.

Cage has filed a lawsuit in an effort to recoup some of his loses. On Thursday Nick lost two of his French Quarter homes in foreclosure auctions. The properties went for $4.5 million–far below their estimated value. His lender, Regions Bank, was the only bidder.

Moving vans were seen clearing Nick’s belongings out of both mansions yesterday. His Louisiana homes are not the only ones he’s shedding. His homes in Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Rhode Island are all on the market in order to pay Cage’s $6 million federal tax lien.

The actor has a new film out in limited release on November 20. The flick is Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans. One can assume that the government is waiting eagerly with outstretched palm to recoup that loot as well.

Photo: WENN