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After several years of dating beneath her, Jennifer Lawrence is no longer with Nicholas Hoult.

But here’s the shocking part – Hoult dumped Lawrence!

Once you’ve processed that you may want to take a seat for the really, really shocking part – he may have dumped her for Kristen Stewart!

Yes, we know. Hardly the sort of up-is-down, hamburgers-eating-people news you want to hear heading into the weekend, but it may actually be more than just a wild rumor.

First of all, the Hoult-Lawrence breakup news is all but confirmed. E! News verified a rumor that spread earlier this week with a source claiming the breakup was amicable.

As for the Hoult-Stewart business – well, that’s a little sketchier, but the two have been shooting a movie together in Tokyo and they’ve been spotted having dinner together off set.

Ya gotta admit, the timing of the breakup seems a little sketchy in that context. We’ll keep you posted on any developments.