Kristen Stewart and Nicholas Hoult: Dating?!

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Well, that was fast. The same day that E! News confirmed that it's over between Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult, J-Law's ex was spotted on what appeared to be a dinner date with Kristen Stewart!

Stewart and Hoult are filming a movie entitled Equals in Tokyo, and they were reportedly spotted getting awfully friendly with each other during a sushi dinner.

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No word on whether or not KStew was the cause of Nicholas and Jen's breakup, but she's certainly not above seducing her non-single co-stars, right, Rupert Sanders and Liberty Ross?

Early reports indicate that Hoult broke up with Lawrence unexpectedly, so while we hate to jump to conclusions, we'd say there's certainly a possibility that Nicholas became smitten with his co-star and dumped Jen from afar.

Yes, it's hard to imagine anyone playing J-Law like that, but Kristen's got a strange power over men.

Fortunately, revenge is easily within Jen's grasp. Kristen's ex has, Robert Pattinson, has said that he "loves" Lawrence in recent interviews. 

We're predicting a Lawttinson hook-up some time in the near future. It would be a major upgrade for both parties! 

Kristen's certainly no slouch (though she does tend to slouch), but have you seen Jen lately? Go for it, Rob!

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