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One would think that supermodel Gisele Bundchen and her New England Patriots quarterback husband Tom Brady have enough on their plates right now with football and a baby due next month. Evidently not because the Brazilian beauty is working hard to get her pilot’s license.

Gisele has already passed the written portion of the pilot’s exam. For the last few months she has been taking “intensive” helicopter training. Her tutor says she is a natural. Not surprising really because Bundchen seems like one of those women who could conquer the world.

Keith Douglass, the president of Shoreline Aviation, told People magazine that indeed she had passed the written exam and that on tap for next week will be the practical exam. Douglas praised Gisele for her dedication.

He said she takes lessons three times a week and added that flying a helicopter is no easy feat. Is her baby bump in the way? Douglass said she is almost to that point of being too big.

The photo above shows Gisele and her friend out for a walk in the West Village last week.

Photo: WENN