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MTV’s reality self help show Made! is starting another season today. The shows producers have put out the call for all wannabe’s teens who have a short term goal that can be achieved in 4-5 months. The goal must be very specific – they can’t help someone who ‘wants to be a star’ or ‘be just like Britney’ (heaven help us all).

You must appear to be 15-21 years of age. Don’t quite understand that one but that’s what the application said. You need to submit the application and a video on CD.

MADE! wants to turn ugly ducklings into swans, shy wallflowers into outgoing extroverts. The home audience must be able to see a stark transformation. Previous seasons have produced a triathlete from a class clown and transformed a nerd into an outgoing and self confident teen.

CLICK HERE for an application and instructions for applying.