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Donald Trump will announce his decision today on what action will be taken against Miss California, Carrie Prejean, for the recent controversial photos that have hit the internet. This girl is busy! First gay marriage uproar, breast implants paid for by pageant, naughty photos surface and now a porn offer.

The biggest adult film company in the world, Vivid Entertainment has sought out Carrie and have offered the blonde beauty $1 million to star in a “adult film”. In a proposal that was sent to Prejean on Wednesday, Vivid made it clear that this was strictly a “business offer and has nothing to do with your religion or personal beliefs.”

You may not want to get too excited about Carrie heading down the porn path. We’re guessing she will turn down the offer. Check out what Carrie Prejean had to say about her newly unveiled racy photos.

Prejean made headlines with the answer that she gave to the gay marriage question that celebrity judge Perez Hilton asked her during the final few minutes of the Miss USA broadcast. Check it her response along with his two-cents.

Donald Trump held a news conference – check out his verdict on Miss California.

Check out new video below.

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